Augmented Reality Ads are coming to Facebook

The Future is now

In what seems like an excerpt straight from a Sci-Fi novel, Facebook has announced that they are offering Augmented Reality ads beginning with luxury brand, Michael Kors.Beginning this month the high-end fashion brand will offer ads on Facebook focusing on their popular sunglasses. Users will be able to click the ad and then the front-facing camera will activate. Next, Augmented Reality will kick-in, super-imposing the product on their face. This ad type does have some limitations: It has to be a physical product and, be worn on someone’s face or head. But there is potential, not just to create a whole new advertising platform, but a whole new method to shop online.

Changing Habits

People may shrug AR off but the importance of utilizing it for fashion is a huge leap forward. Many shoppers are hesitant buying clothing and accessories online because they prefer to see how the products look on them before they buy. Many e-retailers have offered liberal return policies to combat this but in the end, something like AR could address shoppers concerns.This technology may seem futuristic but it isn’t new. Snapchat got incredibly popular by applying Augmented Reality filters on top of someones face in real-time. We’ve all seen the “puppydog” and “angel” filters. Interestingly enough Snapchat already tried to do the exact same thing for two-and-a-half years but was unsuccessful. Who could also forget the “Pokemon Go” adventures? People all over the world, chasing down imaginary AR characters in their hometown parks and public spaces.It is only now that a brand has had the confidence and tech know-how to execute it on a marketing level, without degrading the product.Video of AR Advertisement in Action.

Looking Forward

WDK will be following these developments as they become available to the public. If you’re interested in learning more about Facebook Advertising and contact us today.

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