Best Web Design Trends of 2018

As a new year begins, top web designers and studio heads are quickly predicting what is in store for the future of website design. 2017 saw some amazing innovations that will only be built upon more spectacularly as 2018 forages ahead. What are the best upcoming trends in website design this year?

Daring Colours

The colours that paint digital platforms are getting sharper and brighter. This is creating a more enriching user experience as the use of colour personifies a brand’s identity. Your website’s palette reflects who you are, so choose your colours wisely. This year, don’t be afraid to take a courageous step by picking unlikely blends such as deep purple, lively lime and sharp white.

Playful Animation

Illustrations have given way to animations, which are set to increase in popularity. Much like colour, animation gives a friendly, personal quality to a website. Animation captures the eyes of the scroller and can be utilized in a variety of ways from HTML email campaigns to web pages. Animated GIFs are also becoming the universal language of internet users, so look out for these relatable loops as they will be featured heavily in 2018!

Floating Navigation Menus

Designers are no longer feeling the need to affix the navbar to the home page. Instead, more websites are adopting floating menus that keep the visitor in control of navigation at all times. The controls follow the visitor supportively from page to page, presenting a unique design challenge that can produce some truly beautiful results.

Helpful Chatbots

Chatbots, also known talkbots, interactive agents and artificial conversational entities, are computer programs that talk to web visitors through instant message or auditory conversations. This provides an easy way for potential customers to receive assistance, ask questions and place orders. Chatbots will continue to expand their capabilities in 2018. In order to create a bot, developers must map-out a matrix of possible dialogues and concentrate on the key queries that visitors will pose. The complexity of chatbots keeps them fairly inaccessible for small businesses right now, but they are expected to become increasingly more common as the year goes on. While these design trends are on the horizon, there are still many unexpected developments bound to emerge in 2018! What trends are you anticipating?

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