COVID-19 and the Future of Kingston’s Business

How will Kingston’s Businesses cope with COVID-19? COVID-19 is affecting Kingston’s businesses in ways we could have never imagined. Ontario Premier, Doug Ford announced that all non-essential businesses must close effective March 24th. If you have a business that depends on in-store traffic then those words could of very well been your death sentence. If you’re deemed essential, possibly a

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VLOG #5: Hosting & Email

In this edition Tina, our Lead Web Developer discusses the importance of Hosting & Email. Utilizing free services such as Hotmail or Gmail seems like a great idea. But it can do more harm than good. Many choose these options due to pricing, but the aforementioned email services are not encrypted and therefore susceptible to attack. If you doubt the vulnerability

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Augmented Reality Ads are coming to Facebook

The Future is now In what seems like an excerpt straight from a Sci-Fi novel, Facebook has announced that they are offering Augmented Reality ads beginning with luxury brand, Michael Kors. Beginning this month the high-end fashion brand will offer ads on Facebook focusing on their popular sunglasses. Users will be able to click the ad and then the front-facing

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