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WDK Presents: How much should I spend?

A common question we get from clients: How much should I spend when advertising online? There are many factors to consider: Advertising Goals Geo Target: Do you ship Worldwide? Who are your competitors, both direct and indirect? What are your competitors budget? What is your conversion rate on your website? ROI per sale ROAS – Return on ad spend If

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WDK Presents: Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are one of the lesser used options available to advertisers. These ads are dependant on having a tangible product to sell and is shown amongst your competitors. There are also tangible products that are excluded, they include: Ticket Sales Vehicles Financial Products Currency Services Gift cards Immovable Property Recurring Billing Services Billing Software For more information regarding

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WDK Presents: Search

Search Google Search ads are by far the most common type of Ad in the Google eco-system. It is very easy to set up and tailor to your business needs. When you first set an Ad up you can select what your main goals are: Website visits, Phone calls, Shop visits or App downloads. If you have any questions regarding

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