10 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your SEO Results

An active social media presence is an excellent way to engage with your customers and reach your target audience. And it can also lead to 2 to 5% conversions when used as a marketing channel. But did you know that it can also improve your SEO results?  If you are looking for ways to improve your SEO, you should consider

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12 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

If you think having a Facebook profile and a simple website is enough of a digital presence, then we have bad news—you’re leaving a ton of money on the table and pretty much giving your competition more customers. Why? Digital marketing makes it easier to reach out to your target market and let them know you exist. If you aren’t

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4 Types of Digital Marketing and How to Use Them

Small and medium-sized business owners need to make every dollar of their marketing budget work. However, it’s not always about spending more to get more traffic. Highly targeted traffic visiting your website with an intent to buy can be less expensive and less difficult to obtain when you utilize digital marketing. There are 4 types of digital marketing to focus

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What Is the Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media?

When considering the difference between digital marketing and social media, it’s important to first understand the meaning of each term.   What Is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is any marketing (influential) action that takes place on a screen. While this barely existed 25 years ago it is now the standard for which all marketing takes place, it can include: Online

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Which Is Better for Converting: Website or Social Media

Social media can be used as a powerful tool to target your desired audiences. If you are a small or medium sized business with limited resources you may be wondering where you should concentrate your resources and which is more important, a website or social media? Our team at WDK believes the answer isn’t simply one OR the other, but

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Augmented Reality Ads are coming to Facebook

The Future is now In what seems like an excerpt straight from a Sci-Fi novel, Facebook has announced that they are offering Augmented Reality ads beginning with luxury brand, Michael Kors. Beginning this month the high-end fashion brand will offer ads on Facebook focusing on their popular sunglasses. Users will be able to click the ad and then the front-facing

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