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VLOG #8 Digital Marketing

In our final edition of this segment, we look at the final step, Digital Marketing. Think of this entire process as having a party. You would not invite everyone over at 3 pm when the house is still a mess. Now you clean and organize everything and once you are satisfied, THEN you invite everyone over. Building your digital branding is the

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VLOG #1: Branding

Branding is all about impressions. The impression that a logo or advertisement imparts on us dictates the actions we are prepared to take. This can include how much we are willing to spend, how useful the product can be, how reliable it is and whether it will compliment your personal style and society’s perception of you. Some customers prioritize feature sets that

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Augmented Reality Ads are coming to Facebook

The Future is now In what seems like an excerpt straight from a Sci-Fi novel, Facebook has announced that they are offering Augmented Reality ads beginning with luxury brand, Michael Kors. Beginning this month the high-end fashion brand will offer ads on Facebook focusing on their popular sunglasses. Users will be able to click the ad and then the front

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How to Unlock The Amazing Marketing Potential of Social Media

No matter what your business is, an extremely high percentage of customers will choose to access it through the web. Social media plays a major role in connecting with customers and building relationships. Often, your Facebook or Twitter account is the first interaction a customer will have with your brand. First impressions matter and consistent posts help to keep users

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