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WDK Presents: Search

Search Google Search ads are by far the most common type of Ad in the Google eco-system. It is very easy to set up and tailor to your business needs. When you first set an Ad up you can select what your main goals are: Website visits, Phone calls, Shop visits or App downloads. If you have any questions regarding

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WDK Presents: Google Search Ads

Search Ads In the third issue of our Google Ads VLOG we look at Google “Search” Ads. The most popular form of Google Ads they’re shown at the top of Search Results Page or SERPS. These are the ads we are most familiar with and generally, are the most affordable – depending on your keywords of course. In this video,

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WDK Presents: Google Ad Campaign Types

In this edition of Website Design Kingston’s VLOG Series, we look at Google Ad’s Campaign Types. These are the first actions one must take when designing a new campaign. There are six Campaign Types, they are: Sales Leads Website Traffic Product and Brand Consideration Brand Awareness and Reach App Promotion Each of the above campaigns has very specific goals in

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VLOG #4: SEO Part 2: Google Eco-System

In the fourth installment of our Vlog Series, we are looking at the Google ecosystem. Particularly the free services offered by Google that can help elevate your businesses on Search Engine Results pages or SERPS. While these services do not directly effect your SEO they have an impact on your domain or site authority. These actions have a positive impact on

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VLOG #1: Branding

Branding is all about impressions. The impression that a logo or advertisement imparts on us dictates the actions we are prepared to take. This can include how much we are willing to spend, how useful the product can be, how reliable it is and whether it will compliment your personal style and society’s perception of you. Some customers prioritize feature sets that

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Wix or WordPress?

Free is Tempting 2018 saw a continued rise in popularity for free website builders like Wix, and SquareSpace. These web-builder services are great tools for showcasing your content to the masses. However because they’re free they often come with limitations or strings attached. Search Engine Optimization After launching a new site via Wix or Squarespace many users notice their

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Former Chamber CEO, Martin Sherris Joins Response I.T. & WDK

Welcome to Response I.T. Martin! Response I.T. recently announced that it is opening a new satellite office in the West End of Kingston. Improving response times in surrounding communities is essential for growth, especially in the fast-paced world of information technology. In addition, former Chamber of Commerce Kingston CEO, Martin Sherris will join the team as Business Development Leader. Martin

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