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WordPress Editor, Gutenberg: First Impressions

WordPress 5 and Gutenberg: Why You Need To Update Today WordPress 5.0 and its companion editor, “Gutenberg”, have been making waves since their recent release. This buzz-worthy new platform is a compelling change from the content management platform we’ve come to know and love. There has been significant resistant from some website users that prefer the ‘classic’ way of doing

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VLOG #4: SEO Part 2: Google Eco-System

In the fourth installment of our Vlog Series, we are looking at the Google ecosystem. Particularly the free services offered by Google that can help elevate your businesses on Search Engine Results pages or SERPS. While these services do not directly effect your SEO they have an impact on your domain or site authority. These actions have a positive impact on

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VLOG #2 Series: Website Design

VLOG #2: Website Design In VLOG #2 our Lead Designer, Tina discusses the importance of proper design when constructing a new business website. New customers will no doubt encounter your brand for the first time online. Because of this, the user experience must be fluid, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. This means you must make a powerful first impression and ensure the

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New WordPress Editor, Gutenberg

Content Management Systems The pervasive content management system, WordPress, is undergoing some major changes. The most attention-grabbing new addition to the popular website builder is called ‘Gutenberg’. It is a block editor that promises to revolutionize the editing experience for both novice users and professional developers alike. The editor gets its distinct name from Johannes Gutenberg who invented the printing

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Wix or WordPress?

Free is Tempting 2018 saw a continued rise in popularity for free website builders like Wix, and SquareSpace. These web-builder services are great tools for showcasing your content to the masses. However because they’re free they often come with limitations or strings attached. Search Engine Optimization After launching a new site via Wix or Squarespace many users notice their

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Hottest Web Design Trends of 2018

Whether you are building a website from scratch or reviving your existing layout, the best way to capture your audience is through innovative design. We have compiled a list of the hottest trends that are taking over the web this year. Check out these bold, contemporary ideas for inspiration! Brutalism Brings Back the “Ugly” Internet Brutalism is all about doing

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Best Web Design Trends of 2018

As a new year begins, top web designers and studio heads are quickly predicting what is in store for the future of website design. 2017 saw some amazing innovations that will only be built upon more spectacularly as 2018 forages ahead. What are the best upcoming trends in website design this year? Daring Colours The colours that paint digital platforms

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