Content Impacts Your Decisions

Why is content so important?

Because content impacts our everyday purchasing decisions. Those decisions dictate what brands we buy, right down to the toilet paper. Our brand loyalty is worth billions of dollars every year. As a result Google makes sure that their algorithm caters to this. Not just so businesses can sell their products, so the person searching – whatever they are searching will always get presented with the best answer(s).

What if everyone has the same content?

It’s true many top performing sites have very similar content. This is due to writers and developers looking at what is working then slightly tweaking the writing to essentially say the same thing. Eventually this tactic will no longer be useful because it doesn’t necessarily mean that the content is of the best quality. Google has been addressing this and is saying the day of reckoning is quickly approaching. Once that day comes, only sites with well-written content will be left at the top of the SERPS pages.

So what kind of content should I have on my website?

Clients ask this question everyday and the answer is always the same. Content your potential clients are looking for. OR, content that impacts their purchasing decisions. Reviews, tutorials, How-to videos are all great examples. Content doesn’t necessarily mean written words it can be anything to keep people on the page. However because Google’s algorithm is text-based you must have a minimum of 350-500 words. Naturally the next question that follows is: How do I know what they are looking for? And the answer to that question is: Ask them. When they are in your store, on your social media pages, Google Trends, top performing search terms all can answer those questions for you. Once you have the topics, then you can begin writing content that answers those questions.

Not everyone is a writer. It’s ok. Focus on running your business.

Writing quality content is a skill. Writing for calls to action and leading customers down a specific path is even more difficult. Then make it so the content tracks well for SEO and can have featured snippits – you basically need a pro. If you are in a highly competitive field then you may feel pressure to write down what you think is important just to get something out to the public. This is not the best path. You should seek out a professional writer or content creator and if possible seek someone familiar with your industry. Watch the Video Below to watch our Marketing & Branding Manager, Cody discuss the importance of quality content.

Content impacting purchasing decisions

Always remember that every industry is different and every market is different. You must acclimate your plan so it is homogenous with your target audience. Once you find a balance of positive SERPS standings and site visitors converting you are on the right path. For more information feel free to Contact Us and speak to one of our SEO experts today.

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