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Content Management Systems (CMS) is a type of software that allows anyone to create, manage, or update a webpage. Common CMS include WordPress and Joomla. There is a lot of variety in using a CMS for your webpage. Some companies like to build their own system, whereas others may design a webpage that fits a template provided by WordPress. Design firms can also create completely custom web pages that use WordPress as the framework.

We find that using WordPress and Joomla is best for our clients. These two systems are simple yet powerful and easy to navigate. While this software is user-friendly, it takes time to get familiar with its inner-workings, techniques in setting up web pages, and SEO factors. 

Our knowledgeable staff is capable of tackling CMS for you. We would set up your website on a CMS, establish the main page structure, and manage additional features and SEO best practices. We build your site with self-management in mind. So once your site is launched, we walk you through everything you would need to know to manage CMS on your own. We also tailor each CMS solution to your business to allow for expansion, flexibility, and ease of use.

Website design is more than just appearance. To us, functionality is key.

Manage Your Content

We get it — there is a lot to learn when building a web page. We want to make it simple. With every new CMS setup, we train our clients to understand how their site works and why certain aspects are so important. This means that we (or any other marketing team) won’t need to manage your site for you. If you want, you can update your site regularly and it will still retain security, Google exposure, and longevity.

The systems we have chosen are there to provide the backing and support you need through and beyond website development. We ensure you have the ability to make any updates you would require. We understand that for many clients, web maintenance is time-consuming and does not fit with their busy schedules. That’s why we have our support services in place.

We don’t simply get your company online; we are always around to keep your site and its functions up-to-date, competitive, and compatible.

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Uploading and Additions Made Easy

The best thing about CMS like WordPress and Joomla is that they are easy to use. With convenient drag-and-drop uploading, one-click item creation for a variety of post types, and customized appearance and styling, a CMS backend has built-in easy-access functions.

Features like uploading a blog post, adding a social media tool, or changing a font style are simple. With CMS, you won’t feel like your website is being left behind.

Integration and Upscaling

Both WordPress and Joomla have a vast collection of plugins that you can add to your account. So, at any time, you can install a plugin to enhance your website’s functionality, appearance, or user experience. 

No matter what you imagine for your website, Content Management Systems can take you there. These powerful tools usually incur a small cost. However, these features are designed with self-management in mind and can be a powerful addition to your website.

Ongoing Care

The code of CMS like WordPress and Joomla is constantly monitored and updated by a core group of collaborative developers. They regularly release updates so that your website stays functioning properly. It’s important to keep up with these updates, which is easy to do by signing on for email updates. 

When website vulnerabilities are discovered, it is critical that your CMS and its components are updated preventing these vulnerabilities from becoming a security risk. This is why we offer our clients regular web support services. We can stay on top of these vital updates to ensure your site is current and fortified.

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