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Digital Advertising Services

Website Design Kingston is thrilled to offer Digital Advertising Services. Our staff targets highly-receptive audiences and drive them to your digital destination with conversions being the ultimate goal.

Previously, business owners would buy ads with newspapers, TV or radio stations and hope that while the ad was playing a potential customer was paying attention.

Business owners can now spend less amounts of money on advertising and focus all of their messaging towards the most receptive audience possible, drastically increasing ROI. This method also allows A/B testing, tracking and analytics to show you which message was most successful.

Pair your Digital Advertising efforts with a strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and unlock your websites full potential! Contact WDK‘s Digital Marketing Specialists today.

Social or Google?

The Google Ad Network is by far the largest ad network, which includes Search Partner and Display Network websites, YouTube, Google Search Results Pages, Google Play, Google Shopping and Google Maps.

This network targets an audience based on physical location or by language. This technique is useful if you have a brick and mortar location and want to encourage visits to your business.

Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn also have robust ad platforms that offer incredible value through their targeting (affinity) data.

Social Media is great to advertise on because it targets audiences based on interests and hobbies rather than physical location or languages like Google.

Because people willingly provide more personal information on Social Media they are therefore more susceptible to increased targeting. This technique works great if you have a virtual e-store or can ship your products easily at low-cost.

Google Ad Certified

Website Design Kingston’s Marketing staff are Google Ad Certified. This annual accreditation ensures we are up-to-date on all the latest trends and best practices direct from Google.

This certification includes: 1. Digital Advertising Fundamentals, 2. Search Advertising, 3. Display Network Advertising, 4. Mobile Advertising, 5. Google Shopping, and 6. Video Advertising.

We Design Digital Experiences

Without an enticing call to action, who is going to click on your ad? Adverts need to be visually appealing to catch the users eye and convey the right meaning. Ads also needs to be in-line with your branding and be properly designed for each platform.

Our creative team has over 10 years experience crafting beautiful marketing content that drive customers to your website.