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How it Works: The Google Ad Network

The Google Ad Network is the world’s largest advertising network. This network includes groups of Search Partners and Display Network websites; these partnerships allow your advertisement to be targetted to specific niches and for unique reasons. In both the Search Partners and Display Network categories, companies include Google assets, such as Google Search Results Pages, Google Play, Google Shopping and Google Maps. They also include external companies like YouTube,, The New York Times and other large conglomerates.

Google’s Search Partners are considered push ads, which grab the user’s intent and harvest new leads. Included in the Search Partners networks are websites that might pop up when a search is done. So your ad can show up near the search results after a related key term is searched. Youtube and, for example, will embed your ads after a visitor searches for a video or product. Other companies use a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE), a tool that can be embedded on a website, to power site searches. As of 2019, there are over 505,946 using the Google Custom Search Engine tool. 

Google Search Partners differs greatly in operation from the Display Network. The Google Display Network looks at a user’s interests and then creates awareness around your product or service. This is considered a push method and is highly effective at generating turnover. Display Ads are most commonly known as the advertisements that surround content on a website. These ads are still targeted and can be directed toward your mailing list or list of potential customers, which reminds them that they are interested in your product.

Google Ads Certified

The Google Ad Certification is a certification offered by Google that shows that members have a mastery of building powerful Google Search Campaigns. A Google Search Campaign is not just about sending your ad to both Search Partners and the Display Network, as they can clash. If you don’t target your audience strategically within this network, then you can risk losing a lot of money and time. 

At Website Design Kingston, we recognize the power of the Google Ad Network. All our marketing staff are Google Ad Certified, which means that we can properly optimize your search campaign to target the right audience. We are prepared to: establish your website on the Google Ad Network, target Search Partners and Display Network, ensure that customer conversion is feasible, optimize for Google Shopping, Mobile Advertising and/or Video Advertising.

Google Ads

WDK offers targeted Google Ads as part of our premium Digital Marketing Services. Google ads can skyrocket your website’s reach and promote your brand on thousands of platforms. Incorporate Google Ads into your marketing campaign to start reaping the benefits. 

If you’ve never used the Google Ad Network strategically, then you will need to consider why you want to advertise, which markets you want to reach, and how your company will land and convert those audiences. WDK is a Google Ad certified team. We are highly trained to service your advertising needs and to do so in a way that does not risk losing potential customers or your money. 

All our advertising services are designed to align with your brand, your unique marketing campaign, and your audience. Send targeted ads on the Google Ad Network to increase your market reach today!

Strong Digital Marketing

Every company needs a marketing campaign that is consistently and effectively working to increase leads, drive organic traffic to your site, and show turnover. With a strong digital marketing portfolio, you will see a steady stream of customers without a lot of work. 

Let your advertisements work for YOU. Let us help you set up your advertisements on the Google Ad Network. Here at WDK, we are eager to get your marketing campaign up and running. 

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