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Social Media Advertising

Social media can be a powerful advertising tool because audiences are identified based on their hobbies or interests, rather than their searches. There are four main platforms to advertise on, and each requires its own marketing strategy. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are robust and can provide your company with a unique niche sales funnel that promotes your business in young and innovative ways. 

Social media is about connecting and sharing, so the users on these platforms willingly provide useful sales data online. These platforms allow your advertising to be specific. No more outbound ads – sites like Instagram and Twitter recognize what the audience is searching for and sends them what they want. 

As Kingston’s number one choice for social media and digital advertising, our team can provide your company with a comprehensive social media advertising package to get you started. We can walk you through any step of the process, or all of it. Our targeted ads effectively address what your potential buyers want and drive these audiences to your digital destination. 

Social Media Engagement

Sharing on social media is all about engagement. This model differs greatly from outbound or TV/newspaper advertising in many ways. On social media, you can post an image and get nearly instantaneous feedback. This means you have the chance to ask questions and engage with your brand audience. 

Not all models of engagement are the same, and with each of our social media clients, we ensure that you are competing against a familiar brand. We will set you apart with stunning visuals and consistent and relevant posts.

As part of our custom digital marketing package, Website Design Kingston is excited to offer your company a social media advertising plan that works for you. If you’re not sure how social media works or don’t want to deal with it, we have it handled.

Benefits of Social Media Advertising

You may be wondering why you should be bothering with social media in the first place. Social media is a place where you can reach out to customers and get immediate feedback, or send out a post to users who don’t realize that you’re advertising. By advertising through shares, tags, and comments, social media brings advertising to a whole new level. 

  • Social Media allows you immediate answers
  • It’s an easier way to identify a customer base
  • Grow a more accessible sales funnel
  • Build a highly-receptive following
  • Share relevant knowledge, and 
  • Become a respected user

Not Sure Where to Start?

Website Design Kingston knows the answers and takes pride in leveraging Social Media as a primary tool for recruiting new customers. We can design a plan and walk you through the whole process. We will help you set up a profile, add custom branded artwork, offer recommendations based on market research, help you grow a following, use hashtags, and connect your social media to your website. 

All your Digital Advertising efforts can be paired with any of our other marketing services packages. Align your marketing strategy with your Digital Advertising, SEO strategy, and Social Media Management to unlock your website’s full potential! 

Contact WDK‘s Social Media Specialists today and transform social media into your most powerful sales tool today!. 

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