Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know if I'm ready to build my business website?

    Kingston Web Design Services | Website Design KingstonHere at Website Design Kingston, we can assist you at any stage of development. Whether you already have an existing site and need it updated or if you are just starting out and don’t have a clue where to begin.We can help purchase URLs, select hosting packages, create branded business emails and choose the perfect website based all right here in-house. We ensure you are ready to hit the marketplace!

    How involved do I have to be in the development process?

    The first thing we do is schedule a discovery meeting at our new headquarters located in 920 Princess Street, Unit 240 in mid-town Kingston.During this process, we ascertain your goals, what you aim to achieve through this website and what functions you require in order to execute. We then provide a rough estimate of a timeline and what we would need from you, such as images, video, product images and descriptions, etc.

    How long does it take to build a website?

    There are factors that can contribute to designing a new website. Current studio workload, asset requirements and of course the size of the site requested all have an impact on how long it takes to build a responsive website. Typically the average website can take anywhere between 8-12 weeks from concept to launch.

    Does Website Design Kingston offer Hosting and Email Services as well?

    Yes. We offer a variety of hosting packages for businesses of all sizes. WDK also strongly recommends using branded emails that match your domain. It is not professional to use Gmail or Hotmail accounts for business use.

    Will I be able to make changes to my website, once it's done?

    Because we use CMS (Content Management Systems) such as WordPress and Joomla you are provided access to your own websites dashboard or “back-end”. In here you can make easy adjustments to content, add blog stories and even change the look and feel of your website with minimal effort.Our techs show you how to make these changes to empower you and save you money.

    What if I already have a website?

    If you already have a website that isn’t functioning as it should or you feel it’s time for a fresh look we can help you. Out skilled technicians migrate over all existing data to the new site and incorporate it seamlessly into a new theme.We can then add, fresh content and optimize it for SEO purposes.

    What is SEO?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is an integral facet of today’s digital marketplace. Simplified it means constructing your website and its content so that it is positively cataloged by Search Engine algorithms.You have to be on page 1 results. If you are not you simply do not exist as far as people searching for your products and services are concerned.Our skilled team knows SEO inside and out. We ensure your site launches with modern, best practices built-in so you succeed.

    What exactly is Digital Advertising?

    Web Design Kingston | Google AdWordsDigital advertising is when your ads are shown online to prospective clients. The most popular platforms are Google’s Ad Network, AdSense and of course Social Media Platforms such as Facebook & Instagram, Twitter and Linked In.Within each platform, there are various forms of ads such as Text Ads and Dynamic Ads (Banner Ads) and rich targeting features.The main benefit is using PPC models or Pay-Per-Click which means you only get charged a fee when someone clicks your ad, this increases the return on investment over traditional advert methods.

    Do I really need Branding?

    Absolutely! Branding is perhaps the most important facet of your business. Without a brand, you have no recognition, no identity, no chance against your competitors.Logo, colours, font type, imagery and consistency is what sets a business’s marketing apart. All of these factors combine to formulate an opinion about your brand (Perceived Quality) and without it, they don’t have an opinion. You don’t want that.

    Do I really need someone to help with my social media?

    Some people excel at Social Media, it comes natural to them and they know all the ins and outs. However it’s not just posts that get attention – it’s interaction. Interaction takes time, needs to be genuine and come from the heart. Most business owners do not have the time to invest in social media and that’s where the true benefit of Social Media Management comes into play.Our Social Media Management services are affordable and typically garner more tangible results than digital marketing. If you have a small budget, consider Social Media Management to increase your follower base.

    Responsive Website Design

    Our team builds responsive websites that work seamlessly on all screen sizes. Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone.

    Migration from an Existing Website

    If you already have an existing website and feel it needs an update we can help articulate your vision and then execute your dream via code.

    Ongoing Maintenance

    Web Design Kingston | Content Management Systems | WordPressLet’s face it, keeping up with current updates, third-party plug-ins, new content can get overwhelming and staying on top is a challenge.Website Design Kingston offers fanatical support services which ensure your site is running at peak performance is 100% secure and driving conversions. Have a question or need a quick fix? Call our techs and we can often make the change over the phone in a matter of minutes.

    Marketing and Branding Services

    Starting from scratch? Need some advice about Marketing, Advertising or Branding?Our team is here to provide keen, insightful recommendations for moving forward in an intensified marketplace.

    Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is a challenge – it is never complete and constant (surprise) algorithm updates ensure our staff stays up-to-date on the latest best practices and white hat procedures.SEO determines which sites get shown on search result pages. The goal is to be that #1 spot on the first page and it takes hard work to get there. That’s what we do.

    Social Media Management

    Social Media Management is a great marketing tool. You can effectively reach thousands, if not millions of people for free – if done correctly.If you have a limited marketing budget – or no budget at all you may want to consider utilizing a Social Media approach.

    Digital Advertising Management

    Advertising online can be a confusing process. Text ads or Dynamic? Targeted or Re-Marketing? CPC or CPM? Google or Facebook, which is more cost-effective?Let our Google Certified staff guide you through the process and design a campaign that will produce a positive ROI and provide a consistent flow of consumer traffic to your website or brick and mortar location.