Is Google Making your Website Unsafe?

Google is fulfilling its promise to construct a safer Internet by condemning all un-encrypted websites with the summer launch of Chrome 68. The latest Chrome update sets out to name and shame legacy sites that do not have the proper certificate. An ‘unsafe’ indication alerts potential customers that a site is dangerous, even if the site is simply outdated. This could be putting your company’s reputation and revenue at risk!

What You Need To Know About Google Chrome 68

Chrome is the world’s most popular browser. In July 2018, Google is set to release Chrome 68 – a new interface that aims to provide a safe search experience for users. In doing so, it flags all “HTTP” websites that have not transitioned to the secure “HTTPS” encryption. If you do not possess the HTTPS certification, your customers will see that your site is susceptible to cyber attacks. They will be weary to input any personal information for fear of a privacy breach. This can cause a recession in online purchases, newsletter sign-ups or email subscriptions. That is, if anyone gets that far.

Why HTTPS Is A Safer Option

Google is enforcing this encryption on-site owners because it is a safer version of the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. Hackers can easily read all communications sent over regular HTTP connections as they appear in plain text. HTTPS strongly encrypts communications. Having a secure connection decreases the risk of certain attacks that can jeopardize websites and hijack user information. The implementation of HTTPS is crucial to maintaining a business on the modern web.

How To Check If You’re Compliant 

You may already be HTTPS-compliant. To check, look at your website’s domain. The type of protocol you possess should be visible at the very beginning of the URL. Browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer also display a padlock icon in the address bar of secure sites. If your site is un-encrypted or you have questions about your current status, please contact us! We can help you continue to deliver the best online service for your customers.

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