The Google Eco-System

Google pays particular attention to how “connected” your website is to their eco-system. This can include many factors and the more you verify, the more you are rewarded.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free service offered by Google. It is the placard that appears to the right of most of our web searches. It includes images of your business, both interior and exterior, location on Google Maps, and Google Reviews. Once verified, it also allows you to add your business’s hours of operation, and simple call to action. GMB is very important because it confirms with Google your business actually exists. It also gives potential patrons a glimpse into your standing with previous customers. Proactively asking for Google Reviews is a great, simple way to increase your standings with Google.


Once you have a website and incoming traffic it is important to have access to visitor data. Analytics can tell you which pages are getting the most traffic, which pages are people spending the most time on (low bounce rate), what pages are performing poorly. You can then use that as a roadmap to begin making improvements on your site.

Tag Manager

Previously, webmasters would have separate tracking tags for Google Analytics, Google Ads and more. Google Tag Manager consolidates all of your codes and places them within a single container. This allows for shorter loading times and an easy way to ensure all of your data can be accessed in a single location. This is very valuable when you have Google Ads campaigns active and wish to see all metrics from the search query to ad click, to the landing page, then all actions taken while on your site.


Google Trends is another free service that can be used for insights into what people are actually searching for. Rather than guess or assume Trends you can select a topic and your region of interest and Google will show you what terms are actively being searched at that moment in time.


When looking for action items that can be easily executed without much knowledge the above platforms are a great place to start. All of the above is 100% free. Every time you link one of these services to your website, Google sees that as another form of validation. This validation is rewarded with higher domain authority and that authority is what will elevate your site above competitors in SERPs. If you have any questions about connecting these services to your site, feel free to Contact Us and one of our specialists will be happy to lend a hand.

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