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Web hosting is a service that allows your website to be live on the internet. It usually involves a variety of factors on the back-end. What’s important is that hosting grants users a customized URL, the ability to have custom business-oriented email accounts, a functional database where your website can securely flow through, and a hosting platform (like a CMS). 

Website Design Kingston has several hosting packages available so your SMB business website will be fully secure and functional. We even offer hosting options for growing businesses that see more traffic than most. 

Our basic hosting environment has more than enough space for most local businesses, but for websites with a higher demand on resources, more levels of functionality are required. If a website has a higher demand, then that means they have a lot of visitor traffic and too much can crash a website. For high-demand websites, we can set up a virtual private server (VPS), which allows your traffic to be filtered through at a greater rate. A VPS can be customized to your business needs.

Your 1-Stop Digital Shop

When you choose Website Design Kingston, all of your website needs are located under one roof.

We include all the services that are required to build a website and grow your business. We can also provide ongoing website maintenance and support. At WDK, you have access to professionals with years of experience. No matter what problem arises, you have full peace of mind that your business is in competent hands.

Business Email Solutions

Any viable businesses need to have a personalized business email address. This not only looks good, but it shows potential clients that you are taking your company seriously. 

Using a free service like Gmail or Hotmail for your business can be a costly mistake. Since anyone can create a free Gmail account, potential customers will not think you’re serious about your business or don’t have the resources to secure a branded email address. Matching your email address to your own domain name legitimizes your contact information.

Website Design Kingston offers Microsoft Exchange email packages of all sizes. These email addresses match your domain and lend professionalism and authority to you and your brand.

Domain Services

Securing a branded URL (website address) and matching email is essential for business in 2020. Without it, your business emails could land in a junk box. And ultimately, this impacts your bottom line. Additionally, if your business URL doesn’t match your branding, it may come off as confusing and lead people away from your website, products or services.

Own your brand, boost your credibility and increase your traffic by making it easier to locate your business. Grab your domain name while it’s still available and find out the benefits of owning your online identity.

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