Whether you are building a website from scratch or reviving your existing layout, the best way to capture your audience is through innovative design. We have compiled a list of the hottest trends that are taking over the web this year. Check out these bold, contemporary ideas for inspiration!

Brutalism Brings Back the “Ugly” Internet

Brutalism is all about doing what you want – not what you should. Essentially, a brutalist designer methodically chooses to make things look amateur…if not downright ugly. Think back to how most web pages appeared 15 years ago. Some sites were littered with blocky gifs and hit counters. Some sites had plain white backgrounds with blue, underlined links. These vintage looks are what some designers are opting to bring back. This look may not appeal to everyone, but it could work wonders for the right brand.

Maximalism Bucks Modernist Guidelines

The “clean” look has been the coveted design trend for many years. Maximalism is looking to muddy things up. Similar to brutalism, this aggressive trend is turning sites into hot messes of colour and font. Imagine unexpected layouts, playful graphics and patterns that seem to be hand-drawn. Maximalist designs tend to have a nostalgic feel. They can be reminiscent of whimsical arcade games, comic books and early ‘80s MTV. There are really no rules when breaking away from modernism.

Orange Becomes The New Black

Colour refuses to conform this year. Designers are taking things from loud to thunderous. 2018 is introducing clashing palettes, galactic hues and supersaturation to a digital climate that has always played it safe. Audacious colour choices are a great way for new brands to get noticed.

3 Tips for Implementing New Elements
  • Mobile browsing has officially surpassed the traditional desktop computer. It is important to ensure that your site looks great on both platforms.
  • Play around with colour and font, but make sure that your final version is readable.
  • Aim to capture the attention of your audience but don’t distract them. Your website should remain easy to navigate.

If being imaginative and a little unusual fits your brand, then this is your year to show it! Let us know what design trends are your favourite.

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