How to Boost Your Website’s Traffic

In any rapidly growing marketplace, tactics ranging from the above-board to purposefully misleading are to be expected. In both IT and marketing, there are three specific categories that these strategies and tactics fall under; White-hat, Grey-hat, and Black-hat. Each employ unique strategies with regard to boosting your traffic, but Response I.T. only uses a White-hat strategy with regard to your content and website maintenance. White-hat strategies encourage growth and direct meaningful traffic to your website. They are based on effective, quality content, while Grey-hat and Black-hat techniques are considered immoral and frowned upon. Even though Response I.T. only uses a White-hat approach, we believe that a firm grasp of all tactics will help you better recognize any that may be detrimental to your business.

White-hat Techniques: The Do’s of Traffic-Boosting

White-hat methods are simply producing engaging, top-quality content, presented in a relevant and applicable manner. They use effective, targeted, quality content and topics that relate to your theme. Reviewing and quality-editing content is a first step toward ensuring visitors to your site have a positive experience, and a willingness to return. Taking advantage of Response I.T. email and support, making frequent posts to social media, and utilizing newsletters focused on relevant, non-repetitive keywords throughout, helps cement your image in their minds. Planning events and sending regular email newsletters are a great way to boost hype. If they share these with others, or invite them to join in the excitement, that’s even better! Hint: ​ If you ask, they probably will. Applicable use of keywords is a fundamental to White-hat marketing. A targeted approach without repetitions effectively boosts your ratings in search engines. Overuse and you hit a grey area, but appropriate use is effective. Furthermore, back-linking to your website and content across all mediums and platforms is crucial. Focus is on attracting visitors to your site, but linking to other resources, within reason and while doing so politely, is also an acceptable move that helps strengthen your connections. Targeted and meaningful keyword densities, back-linking, and a little quality care can go a long way.

Grey-Hat Techniques: Not So Much …

Avoid content that distracts from, or is not relevant to, your theme. If an added keyword or link does not add value, ask yourself if you need it. Responsible link use is intimately related to maintaining peak standards and quality, which is, after all, what your image should be about. Keyword stuffing ​and Link stuffing ​are considered to be Grey-hat. These pack a page or content with all manners or repeated variations of keywords or links, either related or unrelated. Put simply, it is attracting visitors for visitors’ sake. When you do attract a legitimate hit, these tricks tend to make a site cluttered, not worth a user’s time to navigate. While this trick isn’t actually immoral, it is unethical and distracting.

Black-Hat Techniques: Just Don’t. Really.

With one of the drawbacks to Grey-hat stuffing being a cluttered, overly-complicated website, tricksters have resorted to less overt ways of pulling in traffic that are even more immoral. Hidden text​ visually hides these tricks. This makes for pages that look forthright, but actively attempt to trick crawlers. Gateway pages​ also stuff keywords and links, but do so on a homepage before redirecting visitors to a different one. This also combines cloaking​, which allows a site to present different information to a search engine than its users. Page Swapping ​is indexing one site with a search engine then swapping it out for different or unrelated content. This is harder to do than most of the others listed, as regular updates to the pages indexed will usually correct any errors, but scammers still make it work. Duplicating Pages​ is the worst of Black-hat. This is exactly what it sounds like; the act of copying entire sections or pages from one website to another, with little to no editing done.

That’s All There Is to It

Effective content, prepared with care, means more visitors enjoying a more engaging, informative experience, giving them more reasons to visit repeatedly and often. This, more than anything, will produce results, without any of the consequences that result from the frowned-upon trickery mentioned above. Search engines are now gearing up how they crack down on sites that present Grey- and Black-hat techniques, actively dropping offending websites from listings for non-compliance with their webmaster guidelines and standards. So, do yourself and your customers a favor, and take the high road with Response IT. Presenting yourself as meaningful content provider, while using appropriate keywords, coupled with meaningful links, can effectively boost your website traffic. This all means reaching more people, affecting more change, and boosting your search ratings. The added bonus is that you will have a solid foundation to build on, as well as being able to help cultivate growth in all aspects your business. Trust us; your customers will thank you for it

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