Is RansomWare on the Rise? Learn how to keep your company safe

Ransomware is becoming a serious problem for computer users. A malicious descendant from the field of cryptovirology, ransomware overtakes a system and demands a payment be made to unlock it. This can be a scary situation for any business owner as these hijackers typically target small companies. However, this can be prevented.   Ransomware can strike through many channels. It can be a suspicious phone call, email or text message. Attackers can pose as IT professionals in hopes of fooling business owners and employees. If you receive a message that you find dubious, contact your IT service immediately.   Having a reliable backup strategy in place can keep files safe. Be sure to backup your data regularly so you can keep your business running smoothly.   Choosing trustworthy antivirus software can have a major impact on your risk factor for attacks. A firewall is another essential component to keeping your system secure. Enabling content scanning and filtering will ensure all incoming emails are analyzed for potential viruses. Speak to your IT service about the best option for your needs.   If you are planning to use public Wi-Fi while traveling, it is important to note if you are accessing a Virtual Private Network or VPN. Otherwise, you could be exposing your personal files to unwarranted attacks.   If you do find yourself under attack by ransomware, our experts have some important tips. Firstly, don’t pay the ransom. It will not guarantee that the problem will be solved. Avoid giving out any personal information to the attacker. The best response is to contact your IT specialist to work through the issue.   Ransomware, like all viruses, is only a threat to businesses that have ineffective internet protection. These easy fixes can boost protection substantially and keep your crucial data safe and secure.

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