Content Management Systems

The pervasive content management system, WordPress, is undergoing some major changes. The most attention-grabbing new addition to the popular website builder is called ‘Gutenberg’. It is a block editor that promises to revolutionize the editing experience for both novice users and professional developers alike.

The editor gets its distinct name from Johannes Gutenberg who invented the printing press in 1440. Gutenberg sparked the printing revolution in Europe. And, some 500 years later, WordPress is hoping to spark a revolution of its own.

Upon first glance, Gutenberg has a very clean aesthetic. It surpasses its ancestor, TinyMCE Editor, with excellent typography. Yet there is more to this editor than just a revamped appearance. The innovative editing concept behind Gutenberg is what is attracting such significant attention.

What is so unique about this new editor is that everything is block-based. Blocks are essentially chunks of content that are entirely their own entity. Individual settings can be specified for each block and blocks can be reused with these settings intact. There are blocks for galleries, images, paragraphs, code and so much more!

Dragging and dropping can easily reorganize blocks. This gives developers more control over their content. Blocks respond to the way many people work by providing more screen space, increased customization and better compatibility with mobile devices. Newcomers may find these enhancements make it easier to learn how to build a site.

Gutenberg is WP’s response to competitors such as the visually-arresting content platform, Medium. It also attempts to keep up with the almost instantaneous building experience associated with sites like Wix.

For many users, Gutenberg is the editor they have been craving for quite some time. It allows for content creation that is as striking as Medium but is neatly packaged within a familiar CMS. Are you ready for the future of WordPress? We certainly are here at Website Design Kingston and have already begun exploring its true potential.

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