Loving Spoonful

Project Description Loving Spoonful envisions a resilient community and local food system, that nourishes all people and supports dignified access to local food. They are building community around good food across Kingston and area, providing programs and championing policies that build capacity in the local food system. Check out their new website: Visit Site


Project Description CFFLA connect donors to the causes they’re passionate about. Their mission is to provide a never-ending resource for charitable causes in the area. They build endowment funds that can respond to the needs of the community today, tomorrow and for future generations to come. Check out their new website: Visit Site


Project Description The IFBB Professional League is the premiere Bodybuilding, Fitness, Physique and Wellness sport organization in the world.  The Pro League is home to the iconic Joe Weider OLYMPIA, known worldwide as “The Greatest Physique Show on Earth”. Check out their new website: Visit Site


Project Description Sustainably.eco aims to connect conscious businesses and people, both committed to sustainability. By promoting business’s sustainable actions and products through our platform, we are making this information accessible to anyone who wants to be part of this movement. Check out their new website: Visit Site

Secura Financial

Project Description The partners and advisors of Secura Financial Group have a combined experience of advising clients in the investment and insurance industry of more than 100 years. Helping clients be clear about their values, needs and wants is the mainstay of our work. With this understanding Secura is able to craft solutions that add value to the lives of
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Kingston MRI and KMI X-Ray & Ultrasound

Project Description Kingston MRI and KMI X-Ray & Ultrasound is committed to providing exceptional diagnostic imaging services with a patient-centered approach. Our clinics are operated by Kingston Radiologists, a team of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering accurate and timely results. As a locally owned and community-based imaging clinic, we prioritize the well-being and comfort of our patients throughout their healthcare
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Autumn Birch Wellness

Project Description At times, our lives can bring enormous challenges. Autumn Birch Wellness's mission is to connect with you to explore issues, identify your strengths and values, promote growth and healing, and empower you to cultivate a life that is richer, more meaningful, and more resilient. At Autumn Birch Wellness, Holly offers a collaborative, non-judgmental, and supportive space for you
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Deck Medics

Project Description Deck Medics provide deck and stonework restoration.  They are based in Gananoque and have been in business since 1994.  Their professional crews will not only assess your project but will provide quality products and workmanship.  They strive to extend the life of your deck and improve its appearance.   Check out their new website: Visit Site

Nalini Warriar

Project Description Nalini Warriar is an award-winning author of literary fiction and contemporary romance.  She has just recently completed her first serial fiction for Yonder,  The Auctioned Princess.  When she is not writing, she is an avid reader, cook and pickleball player.  She currently lives in Ontario, Canada.   Check out their new website: Visit Site

Kingston Cannabis Inc.

Project Description Kingston Cannabis Inc. is a leading formulator, processor, and packager of holistic medicines made with whole cannabis flowers and fully licensed by the Canadian government.  They also produce a family brand of “Barb’s Botanicals” that include beverages, capsules and a range of dried flower products that are personally formulated to your needs.   Check out their new website:
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