Project Description

The Woolen Mill is a 19th-century building, and such structures were built to last. This four-storey red brick building was constructed in 1882 when a group of Kingston businessmen needed a place in which they could produce cloth.

Erected on ‘Farm Lot A’ on a bank of the Cataraqui River known as the ‘Inner Harbour’, it functioned as a cotton mill for the Kingston Cotton Manufacturing Company, until about 50 years later when the City of Kingston purchased the property, intending for it to run as a woolen mill instead, under lease of the Hield Bros. of England.

The mill thrived through and beyond the depression and the war. It wasn’t until 1966 when synthetic fabrics gained momentum that the mill closed. Three years later St. Francis Developments took over and the building began undergoing renovations to section the open-concept building into office spaces for multiple businesses.

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