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The original term was used by a sub-committee of the League of Nations (1932) referring to a set of medical tasks to determine the nutritional status of a population (Gibson, 2005). After 1976, it became a standardized, hospital-based set of tools to predict nutrition and health outcomes in individual patients with post-op complications, trauma or malnutrition.

In 1996, Theresa Schneider RD decided to take assessment tools out of the hospital to assess the health of athletes, those with chronic diseases and corporate executives. Today a nutrition assessment includes computerized food intake analysis, clinical nutrition body composition assessment (bio-electrical impedance), laboratory blood test results if applicable, nutrigenomix, anthropometrics, review of medications, lifestyle and fitness indicators.

Whether your goal is to improve your athletic performance, or you want to make a nutrition lifestyle choice or you want to better manage your medical condition nutrition can help you succeed.

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