How much does a website cost?

Perhaps the most common amongst questions you should never ask a web developer. While it may seem like the best place to start, it is in fact, where the conversation should end. Consider the multitude of options from every website you have ever visited? Some websites have 5 pages, some have hundreds. Others have multiple languages, some allow transactions via e-commerce. Some have attractive layouts with parallax scrolling and integrated video. The variations and combinations of functions are endless. With that considered it’s very difficult to provide an answer on the spot – with no context. So please explain your vision to us first, then ask. Real-World Comparison Imagine walking onto a realtor’s office and asking the realtor “How much for a house?” They would need a little more info than that: House, Condo, Cottage, Big family, # of Baths, Waterfront? Asking for a price on a website without any context is no different.

How long will it take to build a website?

To the same effect as the above question, it all depends on the size and complexity of the project. You should also consider our team has existing projects underway which determines how many projects we can take on. The average time it takes from initial meetings to a business website being launched is 60-90 days. The length of time required is also largely dependant on the client. In most cases, the client is responsible for providing content, you know your business, we don’t. For example, assume a website has 7 pages: Home, About Us, 3 Service Pages, Blog, and Contact Us. This is a pretty standard menu for most businesses. Each page, Contact Us excluded, requires between 350-500 words as a minimum (SEO best practices) and multiple images – licensed of course ;). That equals 2,100 – 3,000 words, carefully written with SEO in mind and done so in a way that takes the user through logical click paths and all content has the same tone and written from the same perspective. Understandably this could take a while to produce, especially if you’re distracted with running your day to day business. So when these delays happen, and they do happen it prolongs the entire project until it is received. We’ve had some clients that have taken over a year to provide content.

Is there any wiggle room on that price?

WDK recognizes that for many small to medium-sized business owners the budget is small to non-existent. However, Marketing your business online should be seen as an investment, not an expense. We can offer to finance (upon credit approval) the cost of the project on 2-year or 3-year terms. This technique has proven very popular with clients as they can defer a large upfront bill while reaping the rewards of a new website designed to increase visibility and conversions, which in turn increases revenue. WDK also offers discounts to all non-profits looking to improve their digital exposure. We are heavily invested in our community and frequently offer our services to local entrepreneurs and businesses alike. Our team of experts speaks weekly to the business community in Kingston advising on marketing, Google advertising, digital branding, social media, and SEO. However, we aren’t selling used cars. Our staff is comprised of Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers, Project Managers, Marketing experts, and SEO Specialists. Every one of these disciplines is highly educated and in-demand. WDK prices are a reflection of the level of service you receive. Can some do it cheaper? Yes. Can some do it quicker? Yes (there’s nothing wrong with templates). Do they have a full spectrum of digital services? No. Do they have an accumulated total over 35 years, real-world experience? Probably not. In the end, you always get what you pay for, and if you want to get the cheapest option that’s fine. Just remember, if you have a cheap, basic website as your only digital destination, you now have a cheap, basic brand to match it. Having an entire team of pros at your disposal is what sets WDK apart from the competition. Whether you are interested in Web Development or a Digital Ad Campaign, WDK has the team that can provide it, in-house. We’re local, share the same values, shop at your businesses and live in the same community.

Can you train me on how to build my website?

No. That’s what Youtube is for. Many businesses already have websites that are in various states of usability. Because of this, they don’t need an entirely new website, they just need some light housekeeping or new pages that talk about exciting new products or services. For these projects, we quote on an hourly basis. WDK starts at 30 mins, then bills in 15 min intervals thereafter. This keeps costs as low as possible and ensures you do not overpay. Some people still think that they can do it themselves, perhaps after watching a Wix or Squarespace commercial, even though they have no experience. Designing a great website is a skill that cannot be learned in an hour or two. Pros go to school for years to learn the fundamentals then hone their craft over decades and must commit to life-long learning in order to stay relevant. WDK is not an educational facility (maybe someday..) but we do not have the available time to teach people about web design, fonts, color palettes, UX, UI, HTML, CMS, plugins, API’s, and SEO. The time required to teach someone even the basics of web design would probably cost more money by the hour than to hire us to do the work. WDK does offer training on every single project we complete. Just before a project is done we ask the client what they would like to be trained on? Add new blogs, update employees, perhaps change up the landing page callouts? We then tailor their free training session to those requests. This empowers the client to take control of their own website and rely less on developers to make simple changes. Plus the more you do something, the better you get at it.

Can you tell us what has to be done, so we can hire someone else?

Every now and then someone asks WDK for a detailed assessment of exactly what needs to be done to their site in order to fix it, which in itself is a great way to assess the client’s needs. But some take it a step too far and ask us if it’s cool if they give our assessment to another developer or freelancer to do it for a cheaper price. The answer is no. This is a question you should never ask a web developer. Questions People Ask Web Developers This is why most development studios and digital agencies are reluctant to openly post their pricing and procedures. Copycat clients will take it, approach freelancers, and hope they can execute at a cheaper price. Real-World Example You walk into a mechanic shop, ask for new brakes and then say: “Can I go under the car with your mechanic and watch him and get him to teach me, step-by-step how to do his job so I don’t ever have to come back and pay you for it”. They would laugh in your face. We don’t laugh in your face, we are professionals, we wait until you leave.  


None of the above questions are necessarily wrong, if you have never spoken with a development agency how are you expected to know this stuff? This is intended to educate potential clients that our services are no different than any other professional service such as an accountant, realtor, lawyer or mechanic: You are paying for our accumulated education and experience so that we can execute the task, not the time it takes to actually execute the task. 

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