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Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists are certified in numerous Google eco-systems to ensure we thoroughly understand every piece of the SEO puzzle. Knowing the benefits of “Local SEO” and how it can be used with on-site SEO is what sets WDK apart. We don’t just input meta-descriptions and title-tags and hope for the best, we strive for long-term domain authority.

Most business owners want that coveted #1 organic search engine result. But did you know you can also increase your chances of being shown in the Google Maps result, regardless of location? Combine this with Google Ads and a robust Google My Business listing and your business could be shown three times on the first results page, now how’s that for exposure!

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More About SEO

Google holds the lion’s share of search engine traffic, with a whopping 80% monopoly on mobile devices. Website Design Kingston is always watching for algorithm updates to ensure our team is current with Google’s best practices.

From the submission of your sitemap to creating your Google My Business listing, our website development is fully catered to appeasing the Google giant.

Our SEO specialists make it easy for you to understand what your site needs in order to stand out and get noticed. We are never satisfied with the status quo, we ensure you get the best possible results, every time.

Website Design Kingston’s awesome SEO support doesn’t stop at launch. Our fantastic team makes sure your site stays relevant through content updates and addition of new content. This is especially easy through our Web Support Services.

Google My Business

This is one of the biggest pieces in the Google puzzle. Creating a business profile on Google My Business is a legitimate way of detailing to search engine users (read: everybody) who you are and what service or product you provide. This is a fantastic venue for you to showcase your product, your staff, your facilities, whatever it is that makes your business so unique.

The other part of this equation is the Google Review. Visitor reviews that have been submitted through Google carry weight in your site’s position in search engine results. If people are talking about your business, especially if they are rating it positively, this will affect your rankings significantly.

Key Words and Key Terms

Your website’s key words (or key terms when using a combination of words such as ‘web design’) are where you want to focus your attention when writing your content. But be careful! Don’t stuff too many of the same word within your paragraphs or Google may actually penalize you.

In order to choose the most effective set of key terms, isolate the services and phrases that are applicable to your business. While doing so, imagine you are opening Google and about to look for the service or product you provide; what would you type? There are other factors to consider too, such as trending terms, competitor companies, and the volume of results, but these factors are constantly changing and must be monitored. That is why SEO in never completed – it is always changing.

There are many places you should be optimizing your key words, such as page titles, headings, image descriptions, as well as plain text. Our staff will educate you on SEO logistics and techniques so that you can keep it up as you make updates to your website yourself.

Analytics and Reporting

When you want to know how well your site is doing, you can get reports weekly or monthly on how you’ve reached and impacted your audience.

Every site we build is set up with Google Analytics reports to let you know how much traffic your business is getting. We setup your Search Console and Business Page and can give you insights from all of these venues so you can see how many times your page comes up, and how many calls or directions have been requested through Google

Optimized Page Loading

Search Engine Optimization isn’t just about page content, it’s also about loading that content quickly and maintaining the user’s interest. We’ve all been to a website that took too long to load, and we’ve lost patience with buffering images or videos and pressed the back button to move on with our lives. When someone immediately navigates away or closes your page, this is referred to by Google Analytics as a ‘bounce’.

We want to keep visitors on your page. The way to decrease a page’s load time is to optimize all images, fonts, and videos for the web. Certain fonts are ‘browser friendly’, and loading too many fonts can be a real drag on load time. Having too many full-width images or too many animations can also be resource intensive. It’s important to choose what elements are the most crucial in your design and plan where you want to lead your visitors in order to keep them engaged.

Content is King

We can’t stress this point enough: content is key! What we mean by this is written text; what you are reading right now. If you can copy and paste this, Google can read this! A lot of sites still post information as an image, either encrypted in a PDF (Picture Digital File) or as a regular image flyer – or worse, hidden beneath embedded Flash animations.

Aside from the title of the item (which may be myflyer.pdf and not helping) there are no pieces of information to feed Google. How will people find your event if Google can’t read what the flyer is saying? Include images, absolutely – but don’t skip the content.