How does SEO actually work in 2020?

SEO in 2020 begins as a delicate mix of content, meta-data, properly structured web pages, and fast load times. But then add another layer that includes schema, linking strategies, alt-tags, URLs and it starts to become a little complicated.

Is it easy?


Is it worth it?

Only if having your website on Page 1 matters. As brick and mortar stores become less popular and we continue to shift towards online and e-commerce, being first on SERPs is very important. In Canada by 2022, 28.3 Million people will be shopping online. Considering our total population will be 38.5 Million in 2022 that is a whopping 73.5% of our entire country shopping online. Can your business afford to ignore these shoppers?

So how does SEO 2020 fit into Content Marketing?

Because getting to Page 1 results on Google is dependant on your site’s SEO and your SEO is largely affected by your content. Therefore any successful content marketing strategy will positively affect your site’s SEO. Oppositely if your site has poor or low amounts of content then that will negatively affect your SEO.

Label your media properly

We like engaging content and the better the content, the longer we will stay on that page. That is why over the last 5 years Video has emerged as the dominant media to convey messages. Same with HD images, they catch people’s attention and make us want to see more. But Google’s algorithm is text only. In order for Google to properly decipher what your media content is, you have to add Alternate Tags or Alt-Tags. Alt-tags are a simple description of what that media is. For example, it could be an image of your staff on the “About Us” page and you could add an Alt-tag: Website Design Kingston Staff 2019, Kingston Ontario. It doesn’t have to be complicated but it helps Google figure out what it is and how it relates to the other chunks of content on the same page.

Talk about what you know best, your business.

In the never-ending struggle to create quality content, clients often ask what can they possibly write about that their competitors haven’t? The answer is simple, write about your company, what makes it unique and the people that work for your business. Write about company milestones and the trends you notice developing or phasing out over time. For more information on SEO check out our SEO Services page, or Contact Us to speak with an SEO expert.

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