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Social Media Management

Social Media provides instant contact with your potential customers and allows you to answer questions immediately. You can build a highly-receptive follower base that can be leveraged for future offers and expand your reach through sharing and retweets.

No platform is the same and different user groups populate each platform. So which Social Media platforms are right for your business? Once you create a profile who do you follow? What days and times will produce the greatest results, what Hashtags increase my exposure beyond my follower base? How much interaction is too much?

Website Design Kingston knows the answers and takes pride in leveraging Social Media as a primary tool for recruiting new customers.

Social Media doesn’t have to be a burden it can be transformed into your most powerful sales tool.

Levels of Social Media Management

When it comes to Social Media there is not a 1-size fits all. Every client is different, some are in different industries, some focus on B2C while others target B2B.

Because of this variety, our services are tailored to accommodate the needs of any business. Website Design Kingston offers the following Social Media Management services:

  • First Level: Setup Only: Creation of accounts. Setup, including background headers and icon logos and provide advice on when to post, who to follow in your specific industry (Key Influencers)
  • Second Level: Setup + Management: Website Design Kingston sets up your account, creates background headers and icon logos and also posts content provided by you. This works by you providing us finished content and we then post it at the most opportune moments and add traction with #hashtags and interaction with your follower base.
  • Third Level: Setup + Management + Content Creation: This combines the previous 2 levels but in our team goes 1 step further and creates all content on your behalf. You provide us with key topics you would like to focus on and we expand upon those ideas and make enticing content with stunning visuals. We also actively related articles and topics and re-post or re-tweet to drive more interaction and forge more relationships.

Benefits of Social Media Management

Social Media can be complicated, especially for business. What seems like second nature to some, confuses or irritates others.

Business owners understand the potential value in Social Media. But aren’t sure how to leverage it to become a trusted sales pipeline to attract new customers. Others simply do not want to be responsible for direct interaction with online strangers that is viewable for all to see.

Handing your Social Media Management over to a skilled team such as ours, here at Website Design Kingston allows you to focus on stuff that really matters. Relax knowing your follower base is constantly growing and driving traffic to your business.

How to Get Started

Not sure what level of management you need? Getting started is as easy as clicking this link.

How do I start? After meeting with our Marketing Team we select your desired profile names or “Alias” on the platforms you are interested in (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, etc). Next, we create profiles and add custom artwork for your Background and Header Icons to match your existing Branding.

We then research key influencers in your industry and service area to follow and start a dialogue with them to potentially reciprocate, this builds credibility. Next we research #hashtags to increase exposure and – if appropriate – create your own branded #Hashtag to use in every post – this has Social Media SEO and makes your posts searchable by topics rather than by profile name.

Finally we ensure your social media profiles are accessible by links on your website. Once this is complete you are now ready to begin posting on behalf of your business!