In the fourth installment of our Vlog Series, we are looking at the Google ecosystem. Particularly the free services offered by Google that can help elevate your businesses on Search Engine Results pages or SERPS. While these services do not directly effect your SEO they have an impact on your domain or site authority. These actions have a positive impact on SERPS. Free services like Google My Business, Analytics, and Google Maps are essential for optimization. As your site grows, having these add-ons installed from the beginning ensures a clear, concise view of all metrics and public-facing information. In the below video WDK’s Marketing & Branding Coordinator, Cody details why it is so important to set these features up. Meaning your competition hasn’t dedicated efforts to this yet, and you can get a leg up on them. Or they already have taken these steps and your business is falling behind (better catch up).   If you decide to begin advertising on Google Ads, integrating your site’s Analytics with your ad campaign ensures a clear picture of what every customer who clicked your ad did to trigger the ad, then once they arrive on the destination URL every action taken on your website until they perform the conversion. For more information on how Website Design Kingston can elevate your digital destinations feel free to contact us today!

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