In this edition Tina, our Lead Web Developer discusses the importance of Hosting & Email. Utilizing free services such as Hotmail or Gmail seems like a great idea. But it can do more harm than good.

Many choose these options due to pricing, but the aforementioned email services are not encrypted and therefore susceptible to attack. If you doubt the vulnerability simply search “Gmail and Hotmail password leaks” and educate yourself on the risks of using such a service. When speaking with clients it is important that your brand seems trustworthy and secure. Having an email address that matches your URL is one of the most basic forms of establishing credibility. Using personalized emails can make this even worse. Nothing demolishes credibility quicker than handing someone a business card and the email is: .



Hosting plays an important role in the speed of your site or how fast pages load. In today’s world pages must load quickly regardless of the amount of content contained therein. Users are spoiled for choice and waiting longer than 2-3 seconds causes negative user experiences. You must ensure your site loads great, no matter the device or platform they are viewing it on.

Reliability is also very important. Hosting your website on servers that are frequently “down” or deliver poor speeds can impact your bottom line. Do your research, contact hosting companies that have great reputations and high score reviews. Contact companies that have used their services if possible and see if they have good things to say and if their services have value. In 2019 it is also important, especially for Canadian companies to ensure their data stays within Canadian borders.


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