VLOG #6: Social Media

In this week’s edition, we will look at social media and the role it plays in your content strategy. There are indeed many uses for these platforms if done correctly. The platform you choose and type of content you release all should be dictated by your audience. The main goal should always be directing all (qualified) traffic back to your main website to convert. Recently many apps have empowered business owners to sell their products and services directly in the app, without ever leaving. Many business owners create Social Media accounts on Facebook or Twitter because they feel they have to. Without researching the right platform, all your efforts could be in vain. Facebook is great for telling an established audience what’s new and exciting in your business. FB does little in attracting new, organic leads. In fact, the organic reach for business on facebook is less than 2%. Twitter is a great platform to reach new audiences through #hashtags. However, the frequency of posts is much higher on twitter due to it being more informational. In the end, it boils down to what platform your target audience is located on. If you are appealing to younger Millenials then Instagram might be best for you. But what if you’re selling a service? Then Social Media can be difficult. People want to see physical specimens of what they are buying. Therefore for business selling a service you must make it easy for them to imagine the benefits of using your service, that can require more time and creativity. Should you have any questions regarding Social Media, Contact Us or give us a call at (613) 417-3415

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