VLOG #7: Content Management Systems (CMS) & Managed Services

Content Management Systems (CMS) & Managed Services

Tina, our Lead Developer explains the importance of Content Management Systems, commonly referred to as CMS. A prime example of CMS is WordPress, a platform used every day here at Website Design Kingston. CMS permits an easy approach to web design, which requires little to no experience. With “drag and drop” functions it’s easy to use “content blocks” to arrange the desired look of a website. WordPress is also responsive, meaning a website will automatically adjust to whatever screen it is being viewed on. Gone are the days when you would need a full HTML site and a separate mobile version. Now with CMS, you can have a single site and it adjusts dynamically. One of the best features of a content management system is the ease of use. With little experience, you can easily navigate to functions like make a page or blog post and create in no time. Many people do not like adding or changing content on their website due to how complicated it is. With older, HTML sites this was true, you almost needed to be a developer to make it work and not mess everything up. But now, in 2019 WordPress makes it extremely easy and intuitive.   For questions, about Content Management Systems like WordPress feel free to Contact Us.

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