In our final edition of this segment, we look at the final step, Digital Marketing. Think of this entire process as having a party. You would not invite everyone over at 3 pm when the house is still a mess. Now you clean and organize everything and once you are satisfied, THEN you invite everyone over. Building your digital branding is the exact same, don’t pay for ads to funnel clients to your website if it looks poor or has functionality issues. So in closing, you have walked through all the above steps beginning with your brand identity. You know the impact you want from your branding and how you want people to feel when they interact with it. You then used this as a template for your web design. Factoring complimentary colours, page content, menu options, and media to be included. Next, content on the site will be accented with SEO-strong content that web browsers will love. Get in with Google such as Google My Business, Google Analytics and if possible Google Ads.   The site is almost ready, next you need to select a hosting provider that is reliable and has a strong “uptime” percentage. Always opt for the branded emails, never use Hotmail or Gmail for business. Search for effective Managed Services that can ensure a secure and operational website – while you focus on your business.   Next is getting your social media feeds locked down and making sure the look is consistent across all platforms and your website.   Then finally you can start with Digital Marketing, sending all interested parties to your website for conversion. Follow these steps and you will make an impact online.   If you have any questions you can always reach out via our contact form.  

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