WDK Presents: Content Marketing 2020

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing presents crafted messages that offer more information than a typical call to action. Instead of saying “We’re the best!” Content Marketing would say what makes them the best and why. Stimulating interest in the brand, products or services is the main goal, not necessarily a conversion.

But how do I convey that in a few seconds?

Marketers only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention. Messages have to be poignant, attractive and offer something tangible. Doing all of that in a few seconds is tough but not when you have good content. Content can be anything: written words, images or video. Video has become the #1 format because people are more engaged and tend to remember it better than the written word. A great example of video content marketing is “How-To” videos. These are extremely popular in almost every category. From Makeup tutorials to how to replace a spark plug, you can find video content for almost any subject. The trick is properly releasing your content so that it reinforces your marketing goals. If your video is 10 minutes don’t put up the whole video on Facebook and hope for the best. To take full advantage you should break up your content and “spoon-feed” it to interested parties. Release a 15-25 second video clip on all Social Media channels of the best soundbite or posing an intriguing question. Next, include a link in your post that takes them to your website. On the destination page, you should have a Blog just like this one you are reading right now. In that blog embed the entire video so they stay and watch it on your site. After the video ends have a prompt to learn more, either on the site or to your official YouTube channel. The trick is to properly partition your content so that it answers the question, but leaves them wanting more. In the video below, our Marketing Manager and Branding Strategist, Cody, explains how presenting the most effective message can be an incredible tool to lure leads to your website for conversion.

Using Content FOR Marketing

In 2020 many businesses struggle to produce sufficient content. They spend many evenings and weekends trying to get it right or spend hard-earned dollars on freelancers to write for them. That can be problematic as freelancers don’t know your business, and they certainly don’t know it as well as you do. To you, your business is everything, you recognized a need and you are passionate about fulfilling said needs. That passion can be inserted directly into your content and people will see that passion, regardless if it’s words, photos or video. Don’t fall into old habits, creating content specifically for one goal and then creating separate marketing material to lead people to it. Instead, take that content and merge it with your marketing. Take what makes your company special and integrate that into all of your messaging. Some of the most successful companies have a philosophy or “branding” behind it. This is because people relate to people. Not companies. If you have any questions regarding Content Marketing feel free to Contact Us.

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