Cost Per Click (CPC)

This week we look at specific bidding strategies such as Cost Per Click or CPC. This strategy is one of the most common amongst advertisers and entrepreneurs because it is easy to set up and control. Once you have some historical data you can step up your game and try Enhanced CPC which focuses on conversions, not clicks themselves. Enabling custom bid adjustments based on keywords, time of day and location can also enhance your likelihood of a higher CTR. If you prefer to automate the process as much as possible you can also select Automatic Cost Per Click.

Beware of Auto-Strategies

Setting your bids to automatic has some pitfalls, they include:
  • Loss of impression share
  • Stacked bidding
  • Page position
  • Abnormal bid amounts
  • Losing manual management
Each of the above can be the result of being constrained to a pre-determined structure, one that may inhibit your goals in the end. As always should you have any questions regarding Google Ads, Social Media Advertising feel free to Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. If you’re in S.E. Ontario we offer free Discovery Meetings so call today (613) 417-3415

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