WDK Presents: Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are one of the lesser used options available to advertisers. These ads are dependant on having a tangible product to sell and is shown amongst your competitors. There are also tangible products that are excluded, they include:
  • Ticket Sales
  • Vehicles
  • Financial Products
  • Currency
  • Services
  • Gift cards
  • Immovable Property
  • Recurring Billing Services
  • Billing Software
For more information regarding Google Shopping ads and guidelines Google Shopping ad formats are often selected by price because the products are all the same or, at least very similar. Therefore if your pricing deviates from MSRP then you could be sending clicks away. Also in this VLOG we discuss Google’s Video Ads. These are commonplace on YouTube and can be an effective tool to show your video adverts. They can be shown in a full preview window or truncated. Truncated allows placement on much more websites, especially for mobile-rich sites. Finally, App Download ad formats are looked at for their usefulness. Users are likely familiar with an app stopping to show us a trailer for another app. These are timed adverts, meaning you typically have to wait 15 or 30 seconds with no option of skipping. If you are unsure which type of campaign is right for your business, contact us or feel free to start a chat located on the right side of your screen.    

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