WDK Presents: Introduction to Google Ads

Google Ads: Largest Platform

Access to 90% of the world’s internet users makes Google’s ad platform seem like a dream to advertisers. In the video below our Marketing and Branding Manager, Cody discusses how to first approach Google Ads. Starting small and improving over-time.

What about the other Ad Platforms?

In order to begin advertising online, you must consider multiple options. You can advertise on other websites, within search engines or on social media. So which one is right? That depends on your business and your target market. If you are new to market then advertising on websites popular in your industry might be a good place to start. If advertising to other businesses (B2B) then perhaps Linked In is best. Business owners must take the time to identify opportunities with the best ROI. There is no generic answer that applies to all businesses. Just like design, each business must consider their branding, the value of a conversion and readiness of the product or service to market.   Should you have a specific question about Google Ads feel free to reach out and contact us.

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