Web Design Disasters to Always Avoid

When you are targeting potential prospects, your website often presents the first window of opportunity. If your website serves as the initial introduction, you can always try to make a lasting impression so that your company benefits from it. Professional and creative web design tends to make all the difference between buying and browsing. Keeping these things in mind, it is important for you to understand that your website should be an amalgamation of creativity and usability. Below are some of the biggest web design disasters that you should avoid under any circumstances.


Although flash based websites are awfully attractive and invite the users in, many people are left incapable of accessing your website. If their computers do not have the right software installed or their software is outdated, your website will not be visible to them. In this case, you can never ensure that the user will download and install the software in order to access your site. When you design your website, make sure you keep all potential users in mind; flash-based websites use a larger bandwidth, so they take much longer to load as well. More than ever people are accessing the internet through their mobile devices which are usually not compatible with Flash. This leaves them thinking your website is something other than what it actually is.

Auto Sound

Exposing the audience with blasting music as soon as they open up your page is a sure-shot way of making them leave your site just as quickly. Make sure that any music you add to your website is highly relevant. If your business has nothing to do with music, why go through the trouble of getting it incorporated in the first place. Never force your users to do anything on your website, like registering before even viewing the contents or sound that cannot be turned off.


This is majorly important for any online website, if your prospects are unable to navigate your site efficiently or access what they are looking for, they will start looking somewhere else. While creative designs do help you stand out amongst a crowd, you should always focus on usability more than the design itself. Being able to clearly navigate your site becomes a vital factor when you need to provide guidance to your users, whether it is regarding sign up or sales. Make your client’s life easier by allowing them the facility of site maps and other trails if your page is heavily embedded.

Colour Schemes

After you have dealt with poor navigation, clashing colours with awful designs are the next biggest reasons why your prospects leave your site. If you use a range of specific colours in your logo, it does not mean the same colours will work for the entire design of the website. Some colours appear attractive only on a computer screen while others work better on Smartphone devices. Try to find exceptional web colours from the CMYK range that harmonize your website’s design. Always remember that every colour tells a story. Fast food restaurant usually use colours like yellow, orange, red and more because these hues are believed to entice hunger subconsciously and have an effect on the customers mind. Study the colour theory to better understand which colour will be best for the nature of business that you own.


Overly large or overly small fonts tend to become a turn off for your prospects. If your visitors have to strain their eyes in order to read your content, they might as well choose another business. Find the right balance and have a typographical hierarchy that works fluently with your website’s design. Conduct your research with the help of a developer who already has experience in your relative field; so that you can understand how to use typefaces; for a more complex, attractive and fluent website design.
Last Note
All this being said these are just a few reasons, but more importantly the biggest reasons people leave your website. Don’t try to blow people’s minds with over the top tricks and animations, there are subtle and clean ways to make people take a second and even third look.

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