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Web Support Services

After we’ve set up your presence on the web, your access to our resources and knowledge doesn’t end there. Our web support is with you for as long as you’ll have us: executing updates, running backups, even managing content for those with busy schedules.

Our web support packages will benefit you if:

  • You lack an internal resource with sufficient web expertise
  • You cannot afford to lose time or people delegated to your site maintenance
  • Your site requires frequent updates due to changing information or client communication
  • Site stability, security, and compatibility are among your concerns

Trust your site integrity to professionals, our team keeps your online presence strong, secure and operating at peak performance.

The Importance of Updates

There’s an ongoing race of break and repair in the online world. Hackers constantly try to penetrate web defenses, and developers are just as vigilant about overcoming these exploits.

As a result core web applications release new versions of their software to repair any exposed vulnerabilities. These updates are important, not only for security reasons, but also to fix errors or incompatibilities between applications.

Our team stays on top of notifications by updating your platform and plugins regularly through our dedicated web support services.

Why Backups are so Important

Backing up any digital information should be considered critical, and a full website backup is no different.

In the event of disaster, whether natural, technical, or a brute force attack, we ensure our clients have peace of mind that their online property is kept safe via backups.

Backups allow our technicians to restore your website to a previously working version. So in the event of a disaster all we have to do is restore from that backup which was created as recent as 24 hours. This ensures minimal loss of data and no lost work.

Types of Website Vulnerabilities

Every time you add functionality to your website, either by adding customized coding, connecting an external Application (API), or installing a component, you are creating potential doorways to malicious activity.

With great power comes great responsibility; so the more functionality and connectivity your site is equipped with, the more on top of security your website manager should be.

Pay attention in particular to anything that stores or exchanges personal information belonging to the business or its clients, such as banking or identity, as they could be potential threats.

Keeping Your Content Current

There are many benefits to having a blog or equivalent form of recurring relevant content updates. The first immediate benefit is by displaying to your visitors, whether old or new, that your business is active and involved.

Showing your clients that you are current is a great way to legitimize your expertise as well as create a personal connection. The second benefit is in terms of Search Engines (SEO).

Having new content as well as additional pages released on a regular schedule tells Google and other engines to keep an eye on your business for up-to-date, relevant information in your field.