Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most discussed forms of marketing, but who should use it? Are there any companies that don’t need it? What industries need SEO the most? It’s true that every business needs to market. As such, every company should have an online presence. That requires some focus on SEO. Some industries, though, may have far more competition, leading to the need to have advanced access to SEO.

What Is SEO and Why Does It Matter So Much?

Search engine optimization is the process of using key strategies including keywords and links, to add value to a website. The goal is for the website to show up on the search engine results page every time a customer looking for what you offer searches for that solution to their needs. SEO is the process of getting search engines like Google to recognize the importance of your website to those searches.


what is seo?


The problem is search engines are smarter today than they ever were. They recognize quality, not just quantity. That means loading a website up with keywords is not enough. Now, it is critical to have a well-designed website that offers the right SEO strategies to attract search engines.

Any company that does not provide this type of marketing is not likely to land on the first page of search engine results. That’s a key problem because most people never make it past that first page when looking for a product or service. They use the company’s listed on the first page. If your competitor is there, you need to work towards getting your website listed as well.


The good news is that it can work very well. The proper execution of SEO using the most modern and up-to-date methods can enhance outcomes for most business pages. Our team at WDK can provide the support and SEO to get you there.

Which Industry Needs Digital Marketing the Most?

Some industries may need SEO and digital marketing as a whole more so than others. These are highly competitive industries – those that have the most direct competition, especially within a local sector. When there is a lot of competition, that means there are more organizations trying to compete for the spotlight. That drives the need for more content, better SEO, and constantly evolving website solutions to keep your company on the first page of the search engine results.

There are also some companies that produce high volumes of content. The more content that’s produced, the more likely these competitors will range higher on the search engine results pages as well. The more quality content a website has, the more search engines believe that website is valuable to the reader.



So, what industries need SEO the most then? It’s a good idea to start with a short search for your competitors online or the products and services you offer. That’s going to provide specific information about your own industry. However, the following are some of the most common industries to need SEO incorporated to make a difference in their marketing efforts.

Professional Service Companies

Organizations that provide professional services – such as financial advisors, accountants, IT professionals, and financial services tend to require SEO. These are organizations that often are researched heavily by their clients or customers before an investment (sometimes even in just a phone call) happens. This allows the consumer to get an idea of the type of work done, the quality of work done, and how modern the company is.



Service Companies for Homes and Small Business

From plumbers to kitchen remodelers, this industry requires a significant investment in SEO for several reasons. First, this tends to be a very locally focused type of industry. That means you need to market not just for ranking in the search engines but the local market. Second, most industries have a lot of competition in that local market. How many other electricians and home improvement companies service your area? To stay competitive, you need to ensure SEO is present.


seo for electricians


Online Exclusive Companies

If your business operates just online, you have a much larger customer base. That also means you have a lot of people looking for the products and services you offer without geo-targeted keywords, which is the opposite of most locally-based companies.  These businesses, such as those providing social media services, consulting services, and Etsy-style companies need to have a strong online presence.


seo for online businesses


You can only do this through the investment in quality SEO. Online companies often need to invest heavily in content, social media engagement tools, and optimizing their website for mobile access. At the same time, SEO also has to take into consideration branding.

Medical and Dental Providers

Doctors, healthcare providers, chiropractic services, dentists, and any other organization that falls into this area needs SEO. There are several reasons for this. First, most people who need medical care want to learn as much as they can about the provider before they make an appointment. They want to know as much as they can about what you can do to help them, too. That often means high-quality content on your website.


seo for doctors


Additionally, doctors and dentists typically have a lot of competition in their area. Even if you are a very specialized provider, many people lump them all together. That often means there is an increased need to have access to a large range of keywords that are locally targeted. This helps to improve SEO by bringing in traffic to your website that actually needs the type of care you offer.

Real Estate Professionals


seo for real estate


Yet another big competitor industry is real estate. There’s no shortage of real estate agents and brokers in most areas. On top of this, there are large real estate websites – organizations that provide incredible amounts of content – that draw in most people. These national brands make it hard to land on the first page of the results pages without SEO. A key strategy here is to focus on localized keywords and content about the neighborhoods served within the business. That can help to bring in more of the specific targeted audience needed.

Restaurants, Bars, and Entertainment

Any given city may have hundreds of restaurants especially when people are searching in a large metro area. That means competition is high. Many websites don’t have a lot of content on their site as a restaurant or bar, though. That means that there are some key opportunities for improvement here if you embrace SEO. Using quality content, user-generated content, and mobile optimization strategies, many restaurants can see significant results. And, of course, local keywords are another big component to success in this industry as well.


seo for restaurants


Multi-Location Businesses

Companies that have numerous geographical areas to provide service to, typically need enhanced SEO efforts to target each of those locations. It could be that you have a business that provides multiple locations – restaurants, retail shops, banks – no matter the industry. What makes SEO important here is using geo-targeted keywords across a range of locations on a single site. That can make things a bit more challenging in terms of competing well. However, when done well, your website can help each of your locations to grow and thrive especially when maintained over time.

Legal Professionals and Services

Lawyers and legal aids need high-level SEO for several reasons. Most lawyers provide services in a large metro area. However, consumers are very particular about who they work with from a legal standpoint. For lawyer websites, then, the key is to have a content-heavy website that provides specific answers and supportive resources for those who need it. SEO is often tied to this. Investing in quality content like this can actually help an attorney to increase the specific types of clients they are looking for as well, such as workers’ compensation or defense clients.


seo for lawyers


Pet Services

From grooming to vets, the pet industry is huge in many locations. That is why there are so many providers readily available in most areas. If you operate a business in this sector, you need to have strong SEO in place because of that competition. At the same time, you also need a very visual site. People love their animals as their children – they don’t want to settle for a basic provider even if that’s all you offer.


seo for pet services


The key here is to include user-generated content like reviews. Make sure you provide a comprehensive SEO breakdown for the services offered as well as locations served. Most customers are going to be a bit more particular about who they choose, but they still are likely to choose those providers that land on the first page of the search engines.

No Matter Your Industry, SEO Is Critical to Marketing Success

When it comes to understanding which industry needs digital marketing the most, don’t overlook its importance within your own industry. At WDK, we work to help companies in all industries perform at their best through SEO. Connect with our team today to learn more about how we can help you.



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