What is Content?

It seems everyone has the same advice these days: “You need more content!” But it’s difficult to imagine what that actually looks like. More importantly, how will it fit into the structure of your website?

Use Content as the marketing tool itself. Not as an assist.

To become an expert in harnessing content for your website you must shift your perception. If your site has what Google deems “Quality Content” then your site will be presented higher in organic search results. This means your content doesn’t have to look the best or have a certain level of polish but rather answer the question that was posed in the search query. If your content does that, it will work better than any ad campaign or collaboration.

If people spend more time on your page(s) that will confirm to Google the content is indeed good. When guests visit numerous pages on your site it then lets Google know, not only does 1 page have good content but numerous pages do. That then strengthens your entire site’s Domain Authority.

How much do I need?

In August 2019 Google’s, John Muller said that “Word count is not a ranking factor” when it comes to Google’s algorithm determining where your site sits on SERPS. For context, the #1 organic hits for popular searches have, on average 300+ keyword hits. Extrapolate and you can see why the recommended overall word count is around 1800 per page.

Does Images and Video Count?

Images and Videos do count as content. As long as your Alternate-Tags are properly attached to the media. Because Google’s algorithm is 100% text-based it doesn’t know what rich-media actually is. If there is no Alt-Tag attached to the media then it assumes the space the media occupies is empty. If it does that it will negatively impact your Domain Authority. Load times also affect your authority so it is important to make sure all media is optimized to load quickly without sacrificing quality.

The real benefit of having excellent pictures and video is that keeps people engaged on your site and increases time spent on the page. If you have a gallery or carousel that is an excellent way to keep people engaged even longer.   

Stay tuned for more volumes focusing on developing, distributing and refining media so that Google takes notice and elevates your domain authority. To learn more Contact Us and let our experts help design your path to a better digital destination.

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