Why updating your Plug-Ins should be done with care

You don’t have to be a tech expert to add functionality, security and new features to your WordPress website. Plugins are pieces of software that, for the most part, can easily be added and updated. However, adding and updating your plugins can cause complications. Find out why it is important to update your plugins with care to avoid potentially breaking your website.

Plugins that run in your dashboard with no front-end interface are generally safe to update. Examples of these include SEO, Analytics and RSS Feed. You should manually update plugins that have a front-facing interface such as WooCommerce, galleries and media, The WordPress Multilingual Plugin and all upgrades to premium themes. But before you perform any updates, learn how to keep your site safe!

A WordPress site can break when conflicts arise between plugins, themes and your version of WordPress. In order to avoid this situation, it is highly recommended that you back up your site. A back-up is like an insurance policy that completely protects a vital asset of your business. It’s a copy of your website that can be reinstalled if disaster strikes.

Your WordPress site is comprised of two parts: structural files and MySQL data. The structural components include plugin files and media that configure the website and deliver its functionality. MySQL is a database management system that works like a filing cabinet for all blog posts, comments and images.

Some web hosts offer “back-up services” for your WordPress site for a low price, but only bother to back-up some of your MySQL data. In some cases, they do not back-up any data and leave you high and dry when faced with an issue. It is important to employ a trusted service to perform your website backup so you can ensure the job is done right.

  For additional security for your WordPress site:
  • Be sure to backup your site regularly
  • Use 2-factor identification for login
  • Password-protect the wp-admin directory
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