Increase Security and Productivity with Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

The newest Windows 10 update has officially arrived! Hailed as one of Microsoft’s most expertly crafted operating systems, Windows 10 presents the spring creators update. If you haven’t updated your system recently, now is a great time to strengthen security and take advantage of fresh, enhanced features. New Privacy Settings for a More Transparent Experience
  • Privacy Settings: The spring creators update allows you to scan through a convenient list of your installed apps and set up permissions for each one. This replaces the complicated process of sorting through your privacy settings.
  • Data Delete Button:  Microsoft has added an easily accessible delete button to erase the data it has collected on users. This is part of the company’s efforts to establish a more open rapport with customers.
  • Password Privacy: This update allows users to set three security questions for a local administrator account, which can be used to gain access if their password is ever forgotten. Previously, Microsoft pushed users to link their Microsoft account with their Windows 10 desktop. But after a major push back from users, the company now delivers local account recovery.
Innovative Features for Increased Productivity
  • Timeline – This feature showcases a timeline of tasks that you were previously working on, allowing you to easily recall documents you were writing, links you were browsing and messages you were responding to.
  • Near Share – This feature is Apple’s AirDrop for Microsoft users. It lets you share files with nearby computers and has amplified security to prevent spam.
  • Focus Assist – A “Do Not Disturb” feature for when users need to answer important emails or Skype calls.
Cool features aside, the most imperative reason for running a software update is safety. Older software will continue to have weak spots that cybercriminals can override, while new software helps to safeguard your important documents from these threats. The free spring creators update can save your system from a costly attack.etors

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