Free is Tempting

2018 saw a continued rise in popularity for free website builders like Wix, and SquareSpace. These web-builder services are great tools for showcasing your content to the masses. However because they’re free they often come with limitations or strings attached.

Search Engine Optimization

After launching a new site via Wix or Squarespace many users notice their website doesn’t appear on Search Engine Results pages or SERPS. This is perhaps one of the largest drawbacks with free web-builders. They typically can’t accommodate keywords, short and long descriptions and metadata to the degree that WordPress sites can.


Having direct and prompt access to Tech Support is very important in today’s e-commerce business world. Experiencing downtime is an unpleasant experience and when using a free service, customer support is usually the first thing to suffer. Having thousands of users on the same platform can make it difficult to speak with a human representative. This can be worse when large issues arise affecting many users, support can get bottle-necked and becomes frustrating.


With custom coding, you can make subtle or dramatic alterations to templates to create whatever you can imagine. With Wix and Squarespace you are not permitted to go much beyond the walls of the “Sandbox”, keeping your website permanently at a stock template level. Another issue is whenever you load an image into the system to be displayed on your website, that image becomes the property of said platform. They can use it however they wish, stealing your license and using the SEO hits for their platform – not your site as it should be.

So what can I do?

If you’re launching a website to support your business, no matter the industry it’s important to be aware of your SEO. Search Engine Optimization is critical for today’s businesses. It ensures your website is visible on page one, directs queries to highly relevant pages which in-turn increase conversion rates. Enterprises that actively improve upon and contribute towards their website’s SEO will lead the pack in their industry + area.

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