WordPress Editor, Gutenberg: First Impressions

WordPress 5 and Gutenberg: Why You Need To Update Today

WordPress 5.0 and its companion editor, “Gutenberg”, have been making waves since their recent release. This buzz-worthy new platform is a compelling change from the content management platform we’ve come to know and love. There has been significant resistant from some website users that prefer the ‘classic’ way of doing things. This push-back has led to over one million users re-installing the Classic Editor in an effort to avoid Gutenberg. While the new block-based editor boasts a modern design and an easy-to-use editing system, it is just not providing users with the functions they need or at least have become accustomed to. Rather than reverting, the most rational approach to this (admittedly major) change is to embrace it. It is important to properly care for your website following this latest transformation so that you can ensure a productive future. Here is how to certify success with WP 5.0 and the Gutenberg editor.

Don’t Wait. Update!

Many users are unwilling to update until all the bugs are worked out. Each new update (from WP 5.0.1 to 5.0.3) patches vulnerabilities that older versions simply aren’t aware of. Updating can be done in 4 easy steps.
  • First, make a backup of your website. You can do this with the help of your hosting service.
  • Second, take a moment to ensure that all of your plugins are updated and ready to go.
  • Third, take a quick peek at your themes and click “Update Now” just to make sure they are prepared.
  • Fourth, click on that little prompt that has been popping up in your Admin area. It’s time to update! Once your update is complete, take a look around your site to make sure that everything is in proper working order.

Keeping Your Site Secure

Security should always be your top priority before and after a core update. Our top tips for securing your website after an update include:
  • Making sure that you have two-factor authentication on your login page.
  • Checking with your hosting company that you are utilizing a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate to encrypt your data.
  • Maintaining regular backups so your site an easily be recovered in case of disaster.
It is our nature to resist change. WordPress undoubtedly presented us with a big change in the form of this new editor. Despite its shaky reception, there are great things ahead for the block editor and WP. We can expect this editor to continually improve its functionality and design. And, like many software updates that have gone before Gutenberg, it will soon be a component to extraordinary websites that we will find ourselves not being able to live without!

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